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    Our Spinners

    David Tishbi is best known for its unique two-tone and sterling silver rings. David also designs sterling silver and two-tone necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but David’s handcrafted rings have always stood out. David’s ring designs have stood out because they are very unique in the way they are made. Often times, David’s handcrafted rings have also been described as “spinning rings”, “spinner rings”, “meditation rings”, and most recently the rings have been described as “worry rings” – referring to the rings’ calming effect on those who wear them.

    All these descriptive phrases are in place to describe the unique feature of David’s rings – moving bands stacked on top of a main ring in a free form – spinning rings. David’s rings are not just a piece of jewelry; they are much more than that. The rings are playful, jingly, fun, and yes, relief stress as well.

    David’s spinner rings are available in an array of metals, textures and colors. They are available in sterling silver, rose-gold, yellow-gold, white-gold, antiqued silver, hammered silver, shiny silver, and much more.
    Recently, for many different reasons, more and more people wear David’s spinning rings as wedding bands. Many people are not interested in the traditional wedding bands found at a mall jewelry store. People want something unique that can’t be found anywhere, and they want something that expresses their personality and likings. David’s rings are used as both men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands. In many cases, couples match their sterling or two-tone wedding bands. Additionally, David Tishbi offers custom made rings, enhancing people ability to create one of a kind jewelry designs.
    Besides rings, David Tishbi designs sterling silver earrings, sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver bracelets. Not too long ago, David started designing “spinning” bangles. These are sterling silver bracelets that have loose rotating bands on top of the bangle. The spinners add a whole new facet to these bangles. The bangles make sound as you move your arm. Additionally, there are bands that one can play with and move from one side to another side.

    In addition, David Tishbi designs sterling silver and two-tone necklaces in a variety of finishes and textures. Among the necklaces one could find necklaces with semi-precious stones, necklaces with precious stones, such as Diamonds, and necklaces with David’s signature pattern of leaves and vines. The same is true when it gets to David’s earrings designs. You would find many organic textures and finishes. Some items have a shiny finish, some are with a hammered finish and some have a hammered and oxidized finish.

    Only a few years back, necklaces made up only about 15% of David Tishbi’s jewelry designs. In the past year, necklaces have become much more prominent in David’s jewelry collection. It is no secret that necklaces are the easiest jewelry category to shop. As opposed to rings, necklaces do not have sizes (in some instances there are longer or shorter chains with or without extensions) which makes it much easier to find and buy. In addition, if you are looking for a gift, you do not need to worry about whether it would fit or not.

    Wedding Rings
    The history of wedding rings and wedding bands probably goes thousands of years back. The perfectly round shape of wedding rings was to symbolize eternity – no beginning and no end.

    Today, most wedding rings and wedding bands are made in silver, gold and platinum. Recently, due to the hike in metal prices, more and more people are rediscovering silver wedding rings or two-tone wedding rings (sterling silver and gold combinations) to reduce the sometimes large cost of rings. In addition, there are much more options available in silver than in gold in terms of design and textures. Most wedding rings, especially for men, tend to be your traditional, mall jewelry stores type of rings. The same holds true for women as well. David Tishbi has been able to position itself as a leading source in designer wedding rings and silver wedding rings for both men and women.

    Who doesn’t like earrings? There are post earrings, earrings on a hook, clip-on earrings, short ones, long ones and so much in between. However, as opposed to a ring, earrings need to compliment the shape of your face in order for them to accentuate your beautiful features. Earrings are one of those accessories that standout and are noticed by others. David Tishbi primarily makes sterling silver earrings in an array of textures and finishes. In addition, there are earrings in many shapes and lengths. There are stick-shape earrings, round earrings, oval earrings, asymmetrical earrings, tear-drop earrings and more. David recently designed a collection of hoop earrings in antiqued sterling silver with white and black diamonds. In addition, all of David’s earring designs are hand-crafted and hand-finished. Some have a shiny finish, while some are matte. Some are hand-hammered and some are hand-polished. Some are antiqued and some are not.

    In addition, given that all David Tishbi items are hand-crafted, certain modifications and customizations are available. Feel free to contact us at: 877-384-7424 or to find our more information or to discuss any questions you may have.



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