Meet David Tishbi


david tishbi

David Tishbi is an internationally recognized, award winning jewelry designer and entrepreneur; known for his unique mixed-metal “hand-hammered” jewelry and his outstanding spinner ring collections.

Well-recognized in the industry, Tishbi takes his inspiration from nature, beauty and art objects. Originally hailing from Tehran and growing up in Israel, his passion for jewelry began there; building partnerships that have lasted to the present day. There, he added entrepreneurial skills with studies in business finance and marketing. Coming to the United States and, in 1998, starting his own business, Tishbi has blazed his path on his own terms; much to the delight of his loyal customers.

As an entrepreneur and David Tishbi Jewelry founder, his brand is known for its outstanding craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and comfortable beautiful designs. His jewelry is enjoyed and collected by fans all over the world. Fluent in three languages, the man himself is truly a unique mix; an independent spirit who is also a deeply devoted family man. Living with his family in Pacific Palisades, CA, Tishbi brings his unparalleled vision and eye for beauty to his adopted home; infusing a fresh and vibrant spirit into the heart of his community.

I have always held my values very dearly to my heart which is why David Tishbi Jewelry strives to provide our valued customers nothing but the best by never compromising on quality or ethics.